Metal Believe 15/07/2011
The band Lunaffair came to my attention thanks to my little metal sister, Borjana. She was very impressed by the show the band played in Banja Luka in 2010, and made me curious about this band. Lucky for me, because what I found was a very interesting electro/rock/metal group, very energic and with great potential. Formed in 2008 in Austria, the band released the self-titled album in 2010 and opened for well known bands such as Filter or The Cruxshadows. Their quality music and energic live shows is a true promise for a shiny future. I invite you to get into this band, guided by the guitarist Albin:

You have a very interesting name that associates with a conflict with the Moon. Can you tell us what does your name represent to you, what does it stand for? Where did the name "Lunaffair" come from?

The name stands for the conflict in our sub-consciousness represented by the moon, that symbolizes the dreams, desires and fears, which can be very contradictory. These are also the main themes of our lyrics.

How did the band come together?

The band first came together in winter 2007. Myself and our vocalist Jürgen knew each other from former projects where we worked together. But we had some line-up changes in the meantime.
Currently we are four band members: Jürgen our vocalist, Stephen is since 2008 our drummer, Elke who joined a few months ago on the bass-guitar and me, Albin, the guitarist. 

You had gigs in your hometown from Austria, in Germany, Bosnia. How did Lunaffair break through the mass of bands?

I guess our music was very convincing *hahaha*...We are lucky to release our debut-album on a German label and it gave us the possibility to distribute our music across Europe. Although it's just a small indie-label, with hardly any budget it opened up the door to the international platform.

How did your first concert look like? Did the reaction from the audience affect you? 

Our first show was in an small club in Vienna as a support-act. The feedback we got there and also at the following shows was great and it motivated us to work harder and certainly helped us decide to release the album.

What do you think: what image is music conveying? While listening to your songs I got the impression that you're speaking to the listeners but yet speaking to yourselves. There are themes of love, inner fears. What is the basic theme of the album? 

As I already mentioned before, our lyrics catch up themes that go deep into the consciousness and are expressed with very strong feelings like love or fear... 

Together with your debut album you have released a spot for your song "Fever". Who designed the ideas for the video? Why did you choose "Fever" and not other song? 

"Fever" is definitely one of the catchiest songs from the album and stands out, that's also the reason why we chose that one. We worked together with quite a cool video-producer-team named sonuva-project.
During some meetings we discussed the "storyboard" and quickly agreed that this song suites best a really sick and dark video-clip. The whole shooting was great fun although the video itself is quite oppressive. 

Can you shortly describe every track from your debut album? What's the best track and why? 

'Fever' is the opener on the CD and I think the strongest track on the album because it has a very unique sound and kicks ass.
'Separating Gents' was originally more of a ballad and I guess it sounds a bit darker now- nevertheless it's a very catchy song.
'Mind' is next to 'Sailors Last Sigh' one of the softer songs. It has a nice groove and some really good tunes J
'Beautiful Show' - this song is, I guess, very 80's influenced, and reminds me always a bit of Depeche Mode, though a bit harder...
'Violence' this is my personal favourite track. It's very aggressive - as the title says ;) And has a very driving beat...
'Love' the title says everything- doesn't it? It's all about love, sex, desires and seduction... it's definitly a sexy track
'Already In My Arms' - I love this track too. It has this dance-tune that reminds me of summer and Ibiza - it rocks J
'Game' is also one of the harder tracks on the album. I like it because it has some nice industrial elements in it, and the theme is very powerful.
'Sailors Last Sigh' is one of the first songs we wrote - it is actually a classical rock song with nice arrangements. 

We can hardly find some influences of other bands in your music, although I heard some people call you "a heavier version of Pendulum" or "an alternative to Zeraphine". How do you describe your music? What do the band members usually listen to? 

Oh- that's something we like to hear :) We personally describe our music as electronic-rock. Every single one of us has his own tastes and influences varying from rock, metal to electronics and indie-stuff .But we all are from the same generation, so I guess you will hear influences from the 80's and 90's. A band we all are fond of, is certainly Muse. But we never tried to orientate us on anyone special. I personally also like Pendulum :) 

When do you plan to record the second album? Do you intend to keep your actual direction, or will you change your style? Will you experiment with death metal growls or black metal shrieks? 

We are currently working on the material for the second album and doing already some demo recordings. If everything goes well it could be released next year. Basically we are keeping up the style, but the songwriting has developed and the influences as well. But I guess we can say more when the recordings are finished. It is always an interesting process how songs develop when you start recording and start experimenting with all different kinds of sounds... there are so many possibilities :) 

 How's your music receieved in your homeland?

Austria is a very small country and the majority of media supports foreign mainstream. We have a small number of supporters in Austria but the music-business is hard - especially if you are not mainstream. Thats another reason why we signed to a German-record label. The only chance in Austria to get yourself a name is by playing many live-shows, because the local radio stations hardly play any rock-stuff... But the response is great and the shows are becoming bigger. We also got the chance to support international bands - just like the US band Filter a couple of weeks ago - a great show!, The Cruxshadows, Whitesnake, also Ray Wilson of Genesis in Bosnia. 

I saw live recordings of your shows and it sounds great, even though it's not an easy genre to play live. Will you continue to play live in the future or will you use playback?

We certainly play live - although we have playbacks for the electronic parts and samples. The live-sound is very important to us, that's why we are working hard on it to have it come as close as possible to the recordings. But having a rock-band perform playback is quite fucked up :) 

A final words for our readers... 

Hope to see you all soon at some show of us!


Latest Video:

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