3 - Mind

What ,what what I wanna do for myself
Is that's all
Not enough for my intent
My force is gone
Feel me-feel me
Need a joice to be alive
What a flame what a flame
It's a privilege to be born

Just-just wanna talk to myself
Nothing more
Just wanna be with myself
For a little while
Love me-love me
Wanna lie in my arms
What a shame-what a shame
It's a privilege to be born

Follow me follow me
There's a place where I'll find you
Trust myself trust myself
So many things what I can do

Its time to say nothing-its time to be shy
A peaceful place built up my heart
All this stars are my brothers, sisters, my friends

But what I what I can do for this need
What I should try
I'm standing on a hole its the end
Why should I tell a lie?
Kiss me kiss me
How can I be ashamed?
For my child-for my child
It's a privilege to be born


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