8 - Game

You know I'm not a man to heal - There's no old me you should kill
Not gonna wipe away my fear
These consequences make me ill - Of a life against my will
This is not how I feel
Why you are talking all the time - Your words are tiring after a while
I'll take a gun to kill your mind
Don't be afraid I can not shoot - You'd be stranded if I would
Maybe I take this step but it's out of bounds

You really know - you wanna say that - You are a game - hear what it is
You are a game - you really know that - Why?
I know a game I know what you are - Saying again - it's just a game
You are in me - you really know that - why?

Why against that - for the other man - Why you feel bad - for the other man
Why you don't hope - for yourself
I don't know why you are talking to me - I don't know why you feel not free
I see that you are so ashamed

Talk to me cause the other man talks to them - Hear - what you gonna be - you're alive
You're alive What it is?


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